Give 1x emotional support for someone to cope with the death of a loved one during COVID-19 pandemic

x = IDR

The shock of losing someone close to you, your family, friend, relative, exacerbated with the pain of not being able to participate in their last rites often puts individuals in a situation where their mental health is affected severely. Counselling helps a lot in providing support to the bereaved person. With your support, we will provide 1x Grief counselling to comfort the person. The counselling will be given by licensed psychologist (HIMPSI) with three different methods available (Chat/Audio/Video) The person has fully access to chose any methods she/he comfortable as well as enabling anonymous option during counselling. The fight against mental health issues caused by COVID-19 is long but with better health institutions and palliative care tools in place, we will be able to support families to deal with the trauma of their loved ones a little better.