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Filosofi Excel


Semenjak pake Lynk.id penjualan digital product dan kelas saya sangat lumayan! Fitur-fitur yang ada juga berguna sekali


Muda Kreativ


Selama saya pake Lynk.id saya puas banget dengan fitur-fiturnya! Saking banyaknya fitur saya belum sempat coba semuanya.


Fajar Kristiono


Sejauh ini fitur-fitur yang ada di Lynk.id sudah sangat cukup. Dan bener-bener ngebantu dan sangat bagus! Alhamdulillah penjualan saya menggunakan Lynk.id


Kadafi Devayana


Selama penggunaan Lynk.id tidak ada kendala dan Admin nya gercep!


Socmed Buddies


Menurut saya Lynk.id cukup membantu dalam menyediakan kami marketplace untuk penjualan produk kami.


Pear Ling


Selama menggunakan Lynk.id aku suka banget sama fitur-fitur yang ada!


Khalisa Activity


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Adelina Adea


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Fikran Jabbart


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Want to get personal with your audience? Want to integrate with Instagram Shopping? Use your custom domain in your bio link.

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Lynk.id give actionable insights such as how many people viewing your link/product.

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Connect your brand through billions of users in various effective internet marketing channels.

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How Creators Using Lynk.id

Digital Products

Sell your e-book/presets/itinerary to your audience, Through lynk.id secured system

Virtual Class

Share your knowledge in a virtual class. Setting the duration & price for this offering is completely flexible


Receive one-off support from fans who may not be able to make a monthly commitment.

Consolidate Links

Let your audience knows what are you up to in other platforms. You can put any link here.

Answering Questions

Answer questions from your fans or give them advice via text,audio,or video.


Create completely custom interaction that your fans want eg: Meet 1:1 with your audience over video call and get to know them on a more personal level.